Classical hatha yoga,
developed by sadhguru

SEMINARS : 8-9 and 15-16 June.
Direct transfer of practices from teacher to student
Your daily tool for maintaining your physical, mental and energetic body
"If you still expect things to get better when you meet a new girlfriend or friend, get a raise, buy a new house or car, then it's not time for yoga. When you've tried all these things and more and clearly realize that it's not enough - that's when you're ready. So, now yoga."

June 8-9 and 15-16.
Classic yogic poses

Date: 8-9 and 15-16 June
Price: 270 GEL

Asana - this word actually means "posture". Any posture that the body can assume is an asana. Some postures open up the possibility of raising the level of consciousness.
Yogasanas are not exercises, that should be abundantly clear. They are processes that allow us to direct and activate our energies in a certain direction in order to achieve a state of harmony with the inner cosmos. Practicing Yogasanas gives a sense of freedom and prepares a person for higher levels of consciousness.

- Relief from chronic diseases;
- Evolution of the body and mind to a new level;
- Stabilization of the body, mind and energy system;
- Slowing down the aging process.
Fitness system based on yoga
Date: 8-9 and 15-16 June (About to decide)
Price: 240 GEL
Yoga Pradnya Institute: 204 Zhandosova St., on the territory of Altyn Kargaly sanatorium, entrance from Askarov St., above Al-Farabi Ave. Al-Farabi

Revitalizing the body on all levels

Angamardana is a phenomenal yoga based fitness process that prepares your body and energies for higher states and capabilities.

- Revitalizes the body including muscles, circulation, skeletal and nervous systems.
- Helps you lose weight;
- Brings a sense of lightness and freedom in the body.
Simha Kriya + Tapukarnam:
A set of practices to activate the brain and immune system
Date: 8-9 and 15-16 June
Price: Donation
Initiation into AUM meditation + lecture "Sounds of the Universe and the Science of Mantras"
Date: 8-9 and 15-16 June
Price: Donation
Main differences of Isha Hatha Yoga
  • No yoga experience required
    No special training or yoga experience is necessary - you will get all the necessary knowledge and skills in the classes
  • Does not require flexibility
    You don't need to have special flexibility for Practicals - you can do all the exercises without training and over time your body will acquire the necessary qualities
  • Total 1 Course of Classes
    You only need to take 1 course to learn each practice, which lasts 2-4 days. The program is specially designed so that you are fully immersed in the process and remember it
  • The Revival of Ancient Science
    We teach not only physical exercise, but give a complete energetic and spiritual process that transforms the person
  • Practices can be done at home, without a teacher
    After taking the training just 1 time, you will be able to perform the exercises on your own at home, in the gym and anywhere. You can also attend remedial classes with an experienced teacher to improve your Parktica.
  • A universal practice for life

    Each Practice as a set of exercises is designed specifically for use throughout your life. Together with you, the Practice evolves and opens up new depths for you.
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"Without health, none of the other dimensions of our lives mean anything to us.
Our work, family, wealth, possessions mean nothing if we don't have health."
About me
"There are no words to describe how much this program has changed my life and hundreds of other people's lives. One thing I can say is that 5 months of this program was more intense and fulfilling than 25 years of life before it. And all I want to do afterwards is to share it and make Isha Hatha Yoga touch as many people as possible.
Alexander Voronov is an internationally certified Isha Hatha Yoga teacher.

My first experience as a Sadhguru student happened in 2019, when I trained in the Surya Kriya practice. This was followed by a 21-week training at the Isha Yoga Center in 2021. After completing my training at Sadhguru Ashram, I traveled to Crimea where I began teaching my first Isha Hatha Yoga classes.
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