Isha Hatha Yoga classes in Tbilisi
Date: June 8-9 and 15-16
Time: We will let you know later
Cost: 270 GEL
Venue:We will let you know later

Asana - this word actually means "posture". Any posture that the body can assume is an asana. Some postures open up the possibility of raising the level of consciousness.
Yogasanas are not exercises, that should be abundantly clear. They are processes that allow us to direct and activate our energies in a certain direction in order to achieve a state of harmony with the inner cosmos. Practicing Yogasanas gives a sense of freedom and prepares one for higher levels of consciousness.

- Liberation from chronic diseases;
- Evolution of body and mind to a new level;
- Stabilization of the body, mind and energy system;
- Slowing down the aging process.
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